Daniel (previously Wrigley)
Hi! My name is Jess and I adopted Daniel, 2 years old at the time in November of 2010. I have been meaning to send one of these in for awhile now, but better late than never! My previous dog had passed away that month (also a beagle), and I was devastated because I have always had a dog in my life. My sister, who was living in Houston at the time, got Wrigley for me that month and held on to him until she brought him home to me in Indiana for Christmas. She went to HBHR because I am in love with beagles and have had 2 before Wrigley. I have never met such a cuddly, loving dog and cannot imagine how whoever had him before me can live without him.

When we first got him he was very nervous when left alone and would have accidents/destroy things, chowed down his food acting like he was afraid he would never get fed again, and did not know how to play with toys. His favorite activity was cuddling as close as possible to me though and sleeping with me in bed, and that has not changed. The rest of those behaviors however, have changed drastically. He LOVES playing with toys and is attached to the first toy I gave him when he was adopted. He throws it around, hides it, and brings it in bed with me every night. When I leave for work, he cuddles up in my bed or his, and is perfectly happy, no crate needed. He now knows that this is his forever home, and that there is nothing to be scared of.

He also now lives in the big city of Chicago! He loves all seeing all the dogs in the neighborhood, and to go to the dog beach on Lake Michigan in the summer.

Daniel is my best friend and I can’t thank HBHR enough for blessing me with such a wonderful little guy. Thank you for what you do!