Darwin (formerly Pinto)
We named him Darwin, and he’s responding to it (most of the time!); he did look exactly like a pinto pony but I can’t resist Darwin as a name! I attached some pictures of him if you want to put them up on the HBHR website.

As you can see his chair is definitely HIS, and he loves to plop down and sleep on it when we’re around! He’s had plenty of doggie dreams where he’s the head dog and chased plenty of rabbits down. He’s so good natured but a little shy, although he’s getting more affectionate – even hearing the beagle voice when we come home now! He knows ‘Sit’, ‘Lie Down’ (sometimes), and is learning ‘Wait’ while we walk. He doesn’t really get the whole idea of ‘Stay’ though!

Thanks for all your work in helping us find him!

-Tim and Zarana