Hello Everyone at HBHR —

Dawson here. I just wanted to give you guys an update on how I am doing. Everything here is great. I have put on a few pounds and now I am one good-looking beagle. I know I was handsome before, but you should see me now. Daisy and I have a great home, good food and all the love I could want. I am still a little mischievous and my forever mom and dad keep correcting me about things like shoes, and the clothes hamper, but in my defense, I am getting better. They are just to tempting to ignore. Daisy does her best to keep me out of trouble. Most of the time, Daisy and I play chase outside and inside, have tug of wars, and sleep on the couch, but a good ol’ belly rub is still my favorite. I am learning lots of new things, like laying down and rolling over. My mom and dad give Daisy and I great treats and I just can’t resist a good treat.

I’ve made myself at home and I am learning not to chase the cats. I almost caught one the other day and boy was that a mistake. Some things I learn without a treat. I really have a great life now, and please let all the other beagles know that there is someone out there to love them.

My mom and dad went out of town and Daisy and I had to stay at the kennel, UGGH !!!!! Boy, were we glad to see them come home and take us back home to play in our back yard. I didn’t know how much I missed home.

I will close for now so my mom can send this to you. I will keep you all informed on how I am doing. A new set of pictures will be coming shortly. My mom and dad want to bring Daisy and I to the next adoption day at Petco. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and also so everyone can meet my best friend Daisy. Whata’ pal. Gotta run now, Daisy wants to play chase. See ya’ !!