Just wanted to let you know that Dayton has adapted very well and has been welcomed by all of our family members and their pets. He has traveled to Austin, Burnet, and Jefferson, TX since June and adapted equally to the Hill Country and East Texas, liking everywhere he goes and everyone he meets. He’s very protective and makes every effort to defend us from all other dogs on the hike & bike trail behind our home. Of course, he’s learned some of that from Lucy and Freckles.

We are grateful for all you do for Beagle Rescue efforts and appreciate the fostering efforts. We wanted Dayton because our Freckles has an enlarged heart and we know his time is limited, we just don’t know for how long, though he is still managing well on his medications and we hope to enjoy him for as much of 2010 and beyond as possible. We have grown accustomed to having 3 beagles and, when we find ourselves down to two again, we will likely be checking back with Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue to fill the void that will certainly exist after having 3 for so long.

Our 3-pack has had an influence on a few single beagle owners that we meet on the trail regularly and we noted over the holidays that some had adopted an additional beagle, realizing how much better they do with companions.
We noticed that the town of Dayton had received quite a bit of press over the past several months, from weather, to birds, to the football team, and everybody recognized Dayton’s “hometown” name when we told them that’s where we adopted him. I’ve attached a couple of photos to let you see that Dayton has adjusted and is right at home with our Pack.

The Melton’s