Daisly Mae (formerly Diamond)
Daisy Mae is doing so well. She sleeps on the sofa, has three soft chairs to choose from, loves her new food, mixture of Blue wilderness dry (Senior) and wet food, follows me around all the time, loves sitting on the sofa between bob, Molly (our shitsu) and I watching TV, rides in the car with Molly and I on errands, rolls in the grass in the yard and explores all of the back yard.

She has totally become a part of our family and I think is very happy. She goes next week for a teeth cleaning and toenail clipping and has been to our vet for a check-up: excellent health. So over all, I think she may think that she has died and gone to doggie heaven. So our friends tell her!!!

Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of the beagles. We love asking you for our new family member and recommend beagles and your organization to everyone who is thinking of inviting a dog into their family.

Hugs to all, Sharon and Bob