We have finally gotten around to writing in about how much of a joy it has been to have Ditka (formerly Wilson) in our lives. We adopted Ditka from the Houston Beagle Rescue back in September of 2005. He came to our house full of love and energy (his middle name is “Trouble”). Almost every morning Ditka takes me on a 5-mile run. He is one of the most athletic dogs I have ever met; he never gets tired! We’ve had many interesting encounters with armadillos, skunks, crawfish and rabbits.

In January we took Ditka to Beginner Education Class at Petsmart, where he was a star pupil. Ditka’s favorite activities include visiting the Millie Bush Dog Park, chasing geckos around the backyard, sticking his paws in our pool during these scorching Houston summers, and curling up to sleep at night between my husband and I… underneath the covers.

His main goal in life seems to be to figure out a way to tip over the garbage can in our kitchen. We love him to death and couldn’t ask for a better dog.

We just wanted to thank everyone at the Houston Beagle Rescue for letting us adopt Ditka, and for all the work you do taking care of these dogs.