Dusty & Buddy
Thanks to Houston Beagle Rescue I have enjoyed my two beagles for a number of years, Dusty since 2005 and Buddy a year later. Leaving the Houston area in 2008 we traveled around the western U.S. for a year in a camper, finally buying a traditional adobe home on eight acres near Silver City, NM. One of the first improvements was to fence the land, which has given the dogs plenty of romping room, especially Dusty who is a red-ticked alpha male and can chase the many rabbits and hares here for hours; tail-wagging the entire time. Both dogs, though completely different in character and temperament, have made excellent pets. Both are just beginning to experience some of the ills of aging, especially in their hips, but should have several years of happy life remaining.

I especially want to thank Houston Beagle Rescue for its professional and careful fashion used in finding new homes, including home inspections and getting letters of recommendation on prospective owners.The two rescue dogs found for me could not have been better. In the photo Dusty is on the left.

Thank you