Emma is doing great. She really is such a happy go lucky dog and took no time at all to adjust. Emma and Andy get along great. They get pretty wild sometimes. Andy is so excited to finally have someone to play with. He is doing so much better now that he is not alone. A lot of his anxiety is gone.

Our outdoor dog area is almost done. They will really enjoy getting to run and play off lead. We try to get together with my sister and her dog Cricket on weekends. Sometimes we go to her house and let them run in her fenced in back yard. All three of the dogs get along great.

Emma loves to go for walks and even loves just exploring our back yard and trying to track all the animals. She has been showered with lots of toys, and can empty out her toy box in about five minutes. She has completely taken over the couch, luckily it is old and was already surrendered to the dogs. She loves to
jump over the back of the couch and bury her toys between the cushions.

She also loves going for rides in the car and occasionally my husband takes her to work with him. She started showing a little too much interest in the cats at first. We try to keep them separated. Emma seems to be getting better though and we are hopeful that we can let them both have free run of the home.

Boy does she act like a big overgrown puppy. She loves to wrestle and roll around and plays a pretty good game of fetch in our long 20 foot kitchen. Her latest favorite toy is a stuffed squeaky octopus that I paid way too much for. I couldn’t resist it. She could play fetch for hours with it and snuggles up with it on her dog bed with Andy. She also loves her chewable toys, like rawhides and bully sticks. Our neighbor comes over every work day and takes both dogs out for a small walk. He always says what a good dog Emma is.

I can’t imagine Emma not being happy. She loves everyone. She really is doing well. She really just needs exercise and a little scent hunting and she is the happiest dog ever. We are both very happy to have her. Thanks so much for your efforts to send her to us.