Gabby’s forever mom had wonderful things to say about her:

“She’s coming along very very well. She has some skin allergies, so I’ve changed her diet a bit. She’s weighs 25lbs and she looks great! We bought her a soft crate which she loves, she sleeps in bed with Dan and I, she has a bunch of toys that she loves to tear apart!!!! Every Thursday I
take Gabby to “Yappy Hour” at Three Dog Bakery right around the corner from me! I made friends with a woman that works there who loves beagles…she has a beagle of her own, Beauraguard and Gabby and he play for hours! She also takes care of Bailey a little girl beagle, that Gabby loves to play with. She LOVES Yappy Hour and she gets tons of treats.

On Saturday and Sunday evening we go to the dog park and she gets to go off her leash. She tends to stay close by, and I keep a very strict eye on her, and lure her back with her favorite treat! She’s really interacting with other dogs very well, but has a natural bond with other beagles.

I recently had her temperament tested at Urban Tails, a Doggy Day Care, where I will take her once a week, because of school, and I don’t want her to be alone all day! She loves it there, she loves to chase the other animals. And I’ll also be taking her to my friend at the Dog Bakery once a week so she can be with Beau and Bailey while I’m at school!

I am going to start some training with her, she gets aggressive with the pulling when we’re walking, and I would like her to have some basic commands! She’s become much more energetic than I ever could have imagined. She runs and plays with her toys for a very long time. She also seems to have a bit of a guard dog in her. When she hears noises she runs to the front window to inspect and howls if she detects danger.

She loves car rides…..she’s discovered how much she loves to put her head out the window and she tries to eat the air. She decided she didnt like her bark collar so she chewed it to pieces! that was interesting to come home to! No matter where I take her people fall in love with her. She loves to watch Animal Precinct with me. She is very curious with puppies. She’s met a lot of puppies and she loves them sooo much, she is very gentle.

ZERO accidents in the house! She is an absolute delight! I love her more each day. She has made my life so amazing.