Gayle was found as a stray in Beaumont, Texas by the Beaumont Police Department Animal Services in early February 2020. She was apparently turned loose to fend for herself after her usefulness as a mass puppy producer ended at the apparent puppy mill that she was in. She was found to be heartworm positive, anemic, and in need of being spayed. In addition, it appears that the end of her tail may have been cut off. After a brief stay at the vet’s office, she came to me as a foster. It was not long before I knew she was going be my foster fail so in early March I adopted her.

She is a very laid back little Beagle, standing some 12 inches high. She is a lap dog and loves to be lying next to or near me whether I am in my recliner or on the sofa. She also likes to sleep on the back of the sofa as she can stretch her long body out. She is a shoe and a toy procurer only for these items to make their way into the backyard to be buried. She is very spoiled and loves to ride in the car even though she is too short to see out of the windows. In the mornings after she wakes up, she loves to play wrestle in her own special way and have her belly rubbed. She has not yet learned to play with Lola, my Beagle I rescued in December 2017, or Sophie, my labborder collie mix. She gets along fine with them. After having her for 4 months, I cannot imagine the life that she lived prior to being found and coming to HBHR. She does not like me being on my computer. She will get up on my desk and try and lay on the keyboard or in front of me so that I am unable to type. Even if I get on my laptop, she will try and lay on the keyboard and keep me from typing. She is slowly coming out of her shell and has a personality that is quite comical at times.

Please consider adopting a rescue Beagle. These Beagles that we have make wonderful family members. It just takes patience and some good hugs. As it is said, you cannot have just one.