Georgie has been with us since November the 9th, 2004 and is busy adjusting to his first real home. He is the sweetest boy, who loves to play with his younger brothers, Lincoln, Kitty Kitty and give lotsa lovings to his Mama. He loves his vet and loves to get “handsome” once a month at the groomers! When he came to us he weighed about 32 lbs. He is now a whopping 43 lbs, with a wonderful glossy coat.

Though his brother outweighs him by 20 pounds, my little boy has gotten very protective of his Mama and his home. He’s loves to patrol the yard, announcing all and anything that he feels we all should know about! It seems that the only thing he really does not like is “thunder”! Once he anticipates it, like a flash he in the house!

Georgie’s favorite things are sitting on the couch with MAMA for belly rubs and naps, and he really loves his bones. Like a child it is amazing to see his expressions when he experiences something new, making it so obvious that he never had much before. Car rides are a treat for him and when he sees the car in the driveway . . . all he wants is in! What a joy it was to watch him on his first real Christmas! He couldn’t open his presents fast enough!

Since we don’t know Georgie’s exact Birthday, we have adopted his brother’s birthday as his . . . February the 7th and plan a big birthday bash for them both. Lotsa doggie cake, friends, family and presents!

I was blessed to find George and his brother Lincoln. Both were rescues and now are loving members of my family. . . my children. I cannot imagine my life without them and am thankful each and everyday they came into my life.

Words just cannot express how thankful I am that there are organizations, like Houston Beagle Rescue. If it was not for organizations like yours, I shudder to think what would happen to the unloved, who just need another chance.

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!