Gideon’s adventure!

This adorable beagle guy was dumped in a Houston-area “kill” shelter by his owners, suffering from a very serious case of heartworms and a severe ear infection. After being put on liver supplements and being nursed back to health for months by his foster mom, he was neutered and treated for heartworms.

After his long ordeal, he finally found his “forever home” — with a wonderful family in Anchorage, Alaska! They paid for his flight to bring Gideon to join their family!

And how does a Houston beagle adapt to the winter wonderland? His family sends photo updates constantly. Here are a few of them:

“He got some new booties and cracked us up trying to walk in them but once he got used to them I think he liked it. Seemed more willing to go in the snow!”

“The top of the sofa is his favorite spot. He can see outside without BEING outside!!”

“Love at first sight.” (photo with mom)