I just wanted to give you our 6 month anniversary update with Ginger! She is doing wonderfully and getting bigger! She is now at 25.7 pounds!!! We love her so much! She is amazing! She has so much energy! We switched her food when she became a year old to adult Science Diet and she loves it! Hence the weight gain! She didn’t like the puppy food much and now she is at a great weight. She is doing much better at meeting people too. She was afraid of anyone who would visit the house and now she is better about not barking at them. She has great manners and does not beg for people food. She loves her walks and playing with the girls and her TOYS! She has gone through too many toys to name. We finally found some that she won’t destroy in two days.

The girls can’t hug her enough and play with her. She sleeps with our oldest daughter Emily in the photo. She plays with Lili more and lounges with Emily. Of course, she absolutely loves Jon because he gives her the best scratches on her tummy. She sits on a blanket next to me and snuggles and puts her head on my leg or lap. We all love her so much and we can’t believe we have only had her six months.

Thank you again for our Ginger!!!