Ginger’s new “parents” had the following to say about her:

“Ginger is doing absolutely wonderful. She has been great indoors and hardly says a word (only when I first get home do we have a chat!). We’ve gotten into a walking routine and she absolutely loves it. She has discovered my stuffed animal collection that I have kept for my cousins and likes to prance around the house with her findings. We went shopping at the pet store and found this funny octopus animal that she can fling around by its legs. Its really funny!

Initially, I think she had lots of separation anxiety because she would panic every time I left the house, but I think that she is starting to realize that I will return. She tries to bolt out the door every time I leave still, but I have figured out that food is definitely the way to her heart, so a bone usually pacifies her until after I can get out of the door! And she is a fantastic car rider. She just sat in the passenger seat the whole way back to Austin, and enjoys riding around on my errands with me. I will definitely keep you updated on her, and feel free to contact me whenever you want! I will let you know when I go back to The Woodlands to visit my mom, and we will definitely stop by to say hi! Thanks for checking on Ginger!”