Grady (Grady on the left, with his friend George)
Grady’s mom wrote:

THANK YOU SOOOO much for letting us adopt him. He has been such a wonderful addition to our house. Gary babies him soooo! I have never seen him act this way towards any of our animals!

Everyone love Grady! So far only Gary’s family and our mutual friends have met him, but so far he is a hit among everyone. My mom, a very proud beagle grandma loves George, and finds it hard to believe that there is another dog out there that may match his charm. We are currently planning a trip to Sausalito California to attend a beaglefest. She loves showing off George, and I believe she will have a very easy time to do the same with Grady!

George and Grady are getting along WONDERFULLY! Multiple dog owner are shocked at how well they get along. Most multiple dog owners warned me it would take a year for them to except each other, but I would have to say that my boys are quick studies and fell in love in record time. They play all the time. George is a very earnest dog, but with Grady around he has loosened up. I really wish you could see how well they interact with one another. I only drama we had was that first night… but since then, things have gone swimmingly.

Grady had one accident and one chewing fit, but that is it. He doesn’t even need to be created when I leave. I left them home for 6 hours once and when I returned the house was in tact… what a relief. Tomorrow we are going to start school training. I usually take George to school with me to teach classes and sit under my office desk for company. Grady is still a little excited about being at school with me, so he is not quite ready for joining me while I teach… but I will start to acclimate him to large crowds tomorrow.