Holly (formerly Summer)
I came to Tyler as a “foster” Beagle, and as soon as I got here I thought I might like to stay. I charmed these people (I’m pretty cute), and even my foster sister, Lacy, made me feel quite welcome. At first I acted timid and insecure. By the time I’d been here 4 days, the man said to me, “oou wike it here, don’t oou?” Then he started telling the woman why they needed to adopt me. She gave in right away. Boy, was I relieved. Right after that I shed my timid act and became very self-confident.

That was back in July. Since then I’ve been to Obedience classes, and I graduated, but I still act like a Beagle. Lots of squirrels come in our yard, and, well….I get pretty loud. If I make a lot of noise outside, my people come out and carry me back in the house like a baby. I think that’s pretty funny.

Lacy is a tall Beagle girl, and even though she is now 14 years old, we have lots of fun together. At first I had to sleep in my kennel which was okay, but then I discovered my people and Lacy were all sleeping in a big bed. Now they let me sleep there too, and I really love being with my family at night. Update: we got a Beagle-colored comforter for our bed. It’s perfect for me and Lacy.