Candi/Holly is the BEST DOG in the world and has adjusted really well!! Our families Love her!!!! She is so friendly, although she gets really nervous around strangers and will not take Treats from them (smart girl).

She also had a good first Christmas with us and received the long awaited doggy door from Grandma and a Rawhide candy cane from my daughter 🙂 She Loves her doggy door and comes in and out as she pleases.

She is soooo Good that when we go out of the house she does not stay crated anymore!! Believe it or not we have Doggy proofed the house and hidden all of our food in the pantry and she does really well in the house. She had one accident but it was because my husband left the doggy door closed 🙁 We keep a lock on the back gate, and she is not a digger so she seems to like her new found freedom.

We have no behavior problems with her and she loves children 🙂 She has been such a Blessing to our family, especially for me since I have been on Bedrest, she is always laying with me and keeps me company since I am by myself most of the day since my husband has returned to work.

I am sooooo EXCITED about my Beagle, We just Love her.

UPDATE (December 2007):

We are emailing to let you know today is Holly’s Birthday/Anniversary!!!! We are excited and once again cannot thank you enough for introducing us to Holly 🙂

Thanks once again for giving us the opportunity to bring her home with us a year ago, it has been a blessing and we pray many more pups like her have an opportunity to receive good homes! Thanks once again and God Bless you all for all you do 🙂

P.S. Her Birthday cake was Apple pie (she loves apples) LOL, don’t worry we only gave her 3 apple pieces, he he he!