Baylee (formerly Iris)
It is hard to pick just one picture to send – but here are two of them. This is “Iris” or Baylee as we call her. First one, she is in a kayak in the bay at Pt. Alto, Texas. She was not sure about the water! So she had her life vest on and obviously setting her sights on the land! The second, she found herself on my daughter’s bed with her stuffed animals and made herself at home! It kind of reminds me of a scene in the movie “ET”! Baylee is quite the character, enjoys her squeaky toys – especially the tennis shoe and moose! She loves taking a quick little nap on her stuffed animals that are almost as big as she is. She is still a petite beagle – and yes, she could probably eat more than her weight in food. She gets in about 2 long walks a day and remembers to tell us when it is time! Loves to ride in the car and visit the drive thru at the bank and HEB as they give her dog biscuits – so what more could a beagle ask for! Baylee is a sweet girl and she fits right in!

Peggy & George Rosales