I now have three beagles adopted from Houston Beagle Rescue. From left to right, they are Izzy (Maisey), Bo (Leroy) and Mikala (Mia).

I thought there was nothing better than two beagles, until I got three. And the perfect addition was Izzy. I have three beagles that are very different, in looks and personality.

Bo came first and loved being an only dog because he got all the attention. In looks, he is a perfect specimen. His coloring is perfect, his size, etc. He does look older than his years – I’ve had him for three years and I’m guessing he’s about eight now. He is adored by Mikala and he wishes he wasn’t. Bo is, without a doubt, the perfect dog. He never does anything wrong, always does what he’s told and he has the gentlest soul. You can’t help but love Bo and love hanging out with him. I will say though, he gives lazy a whole new meaning when he’s home. But get out the leash, and he’s a wild man. He will run nonstop if you let him.

Mikala. I’ve had her for one and half years so she’s probably about three now. And bossy – is she ever bossy – nothing happens in that house that she doesn’t know about or have her nose in. She’s by my side when I cook, clean house or do laundry – never leaves me. She was literally skin and bones when I got her but no more – now she’s on a reduced diet. When I lie on the couch, she lays on her back in my arms and just watches me. She’s extremely protective of me and her home. Perfect watch dog. No one passes the front of the house that she doesn’t know about. And the love of her life is Bo. If she’s not with me, she’s with Bo and she has to be touching him.

And then there’s Izzy. I’ve had Izzy for a couple of months and she came with her share of problems. She’s about eight years old, was beyond thunder phobic, and has had mammary gland cancer. I wanted her because I’m a breast cancer survivor and because Bo use to be terribly thunder phobic and is fine now; I wanted to work with her on it. She’s very tiny and no matter how much she eats, she never gains a pound. And is she funny!! Every day Izzy does something that makes you laugh and she gets herself in the strangest situations. One time we found her inside a pillow case on the bed – lifted up the covers, and this little faces pokes out of the pillow case! She and Mikala are very bonded and act just like sisters. And the best part – she’s already tons better on the thunder phobia and is cancer free!! She will live out her life in comfort, being loved and cared for.

Bo barks, but never bays. Mikala barks and bays. Izzy only bays. And Izzy’s bay is the funniest sound you ever heard. She’s so serious about it and we can’t help laughing.

They bring me nothing but pure joy!!

Elizabeth Emery