Jess & Sadie

Jess & Sadie
Addie is now known as Sadie – has adjusted well into our household. She and Jess have the greatest time playing together! Tug of War is one of their favorite games. The girls and I walk about 3 miles each morning near an elementary school. Many of the moms, crossing guards and kids look forward to seeing Jess and Sadie each morning. Sadie and Jess love their morning walks and are well matched when they walk on the tandem leash. They show their manners well – sitting prior to crossing the street and sitting politely when people ask to pet them! Oh, they do have their moments of excitement while out walking; overall they are great walking partners. They look forward to meeting their dog friends on the walk as well.

They do have the wild and crazy times as well. A couple of times each day they play a rousing game of chase through the house. It is wild to watch and a good way for them to burn up some extra energy. Our grandchildren love playing with the dogs and just watching them play.

Sadie and Jess really enjoy each other’s company. Even at feeding time goes smooth! On a recent visit to the vet he said they were some of the best-behaved beagles he had seen! I was a very proud beagle owner!

Sadie is very inquisitive and still has a lot of puppy left in her and likes to chew on things but she is a real love. She was a bit timid the first couple of days, but quickly adjusted to life at her new home.

Thank you for helping us to find the right dog for our home. We are thrilled with our girls.

Joy and Mel Hancock