I wanted to give you an update on Jessica (or Jess, as we call her). We adopted Jess at the end of March. She is an incredible dog! She has settled into her new home well.

She enjoys her daily walks of 3.5 miles. She has made several “canine” friends who we meet on our walks. Jess just completed Beginner Training at PetsMart. (We are enrolled in an Intermediate class in September). We took the class with a friend – and each night after class we would all go out to dinner – the dogs enjoyed the evenings out – and were extremely well behaved – sitting or laying politely under the picnic tables – not even begging for food.

Jess is well mannered around people – and loves any attention she receives. She is very patient even with small children. Her calm personality is helping our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter work through her fear of dogs. Jess has even won over adults who are usually nervous around dogs! I am hoping that Jess can become a certified therapy dog – she is progressing well with her training.

We wanted you to know how happy we are that we added Jess to our family! Thank you for the marvelous work you do!