Ben (formerly Jesse)
I am doing just fine in my new residence. I am getting along very well with my new pack leaders and like them very much. They love me too. I sleep at nights on a new bed on the floor and have sent you a picture of me in it. I also lay in it next to the table when my pack leaders are eating, although I do try to stare them down at first, hoping they’ll give some of what they are eating, or drop some on the floor. No luck! Today they left me alone for three hours. When they returned they were very pleased because I had been a gentleman and left everything untouched. I get two walks every day: one in the morning with the female pack leader and one in the evening with the male pack leader. I have met several new dog friends on my walks and I always show them my wagging tail. I don’t bark at them and they all seem to like me.

In the evening when my leaders are reading or watching pictures on that screen, I like to sit next to them on the couch and sometimes rest my chin on their legs.
They are no longer calling me Jesse. They now call me Bentley or Ben. My leaders said they picked that name because it is English and my ancestors were English. They think of me as high class like the cars with the same name. For a nickname. which they now seem to use frequently. they call me Ben. They say it represents my greatest characteristic: “Gentle Ben”. They tell me my name provides good alliteration: Bentley Beagle Brackett.

Must go now and keep my leaders happy.

Gentle Ben