Jilly is a young foxhound who’s new dad came all the way to Houston from New York to adopt her! She’s having a great time with her new hound loving family!

Jilly hangs out with her friend Alfie ALL day. They are continually having tug fights with toys, barking at cars, you name it.

She hasn’t been in a crate since getting here, but she’s been absolutely great. If she picks up something she’s not supposed to, we just say “Jilly, no.” She drops it and walks over to us with her tail wagging. Having had beagles for so long, it’s very confusing to us when a dog listens.

She still tries to bite vacuums (and Swiffers). She sleeps in our king bed every night, invited or not. She tries to get our older dog, Bert, to play all the time. Alfie is generally quite dominant, but Jilly seems to use her height advantage to equalize things. He will walk under her and nip at her from the other side sometimes.

She’s got a HUGE appetite, but has had no problems with the other dogs and food. She usually ends up getting more than her share of food.

She’s really a great dog, and I’m so happy I decided to visit Houston to adopt her.