We are so happy to have Jockey as part of our family. About a year ago we adopted Chester, a very social beagle mix. Because he really enjoys the company of other dogs, we decided to look for a companion which lead us to HBHR. After reviewing the profiles and photos of the adoptable dogs we decided to meet Jockey. From the get go, the boys hit it off and we knew he was the right dog for us. He is such a sweetheart and is very well behaved. He and Chester play constantly and when pooped, often lay down together for a little nap. They even decided to share a kennel. It is hard to imagine life before Jockey. He surprises us sometimes, like last week when I was unloading groceries from the trunk of the car – both fellas were in the garage. Between loads, I found Jockey sitting in the open trunk like he was supposed to be there. It was a hoot. Phil and I are very thankful to Houston Beagle Rescue for taking Jockey in and giving us the opportunity to adopt him.

Jodie, Phil, Chester and Jockey