“Well, Our Jorgia is doing super! I just thought I would write you a lil’ note to put in your list of success stories! Jorgia was at the CAPS shelter where my wife and I began our day long search of the local shelters around Houston back on that fateful Saturday morning. Little did we know when we shot the video for you and the beaglerescue that we would end up right back there that next day getting her for our very own! She had been there for a while and was on the list to be put down that following week if nobody came for her.

She is such a joy for us and has became such a great companion for us both in the past 3 months. She no longer has her anxiety attacks when we leave, we just tell her to sit and then give her a lil treat and she is a perfect angel guarding the apartment until we get back! Jorgia has also learned other commands and we have found that she is very smart! She now has made friends in our apartment complex, most notable a striking young beagle boy named Jake. She has gained some weight and is now at a healthy range for her age. We love to take her on long walks, to parks, for jogs, and even to the car wash to clean the truck! She is even going with us to Gulf Shores to our family beach house this Summer with all the fam! Brooke and I cannot put into words how awesome your service is and how blessed we are to have rescued this sweet lil’ beagle! Thanks again for all you do for these wonderful hounds!”