About my most beautiful most favorite thing in the whole wide world..her name was Julie! She was my most favorite little girl hound dog…. I was dating a young man while still in college who had previously owned a beagle. I had a visit at his home and her name was Nicki. Oh..how my heart dropped! I knew right then..my very own lil dog was gonna be a beagle. And I was bent on rescuing. I just want to start with… saying thank you. How can I not say thank you to the organization that gave me the worlds greatest hound dog?! I was a mere 21-22 yes old when I adopted this little girl. And I was soo lucky… I told her every day…”I am so very lucky to have you Julie girl. I’m so lucky God gave me YOU”! Thank you for giving me 12 years..of seriously the best hound dog I could ever want.