It’s been a little over 4 months since I took Keeley home with me, and I feel like she’s been my baby girl forever, however, I have definitely noticed that my love has grown for her more and more lately.

She is doing very well. We are still working on her not having accidents in my loft while I am out, but I think we have made good progress over the last couple of weeks. She is great on a leash for the most part. She gets along really well with other dogs when we go on walks or to the dog park. I am always telling her what a “GOOD GIRL” she is being when she is “making a new friend.” I am hoping to give her more and more exposure to other dogs over the next few months of nice weather. She is very sweet to everyone all of the time. She jumps up and down to say hello to complete strangers almost every time I take her on a walk.

Keeley has acquired a lot of things over the last few months. She has her own pink bowls, several sweaters, a coat and a basket full of toys. She loves her basket of toys, she will carefully take each toy out, 1 by 1, but she is very careful about not throwing her toys into mommy’s breakable stuff. I must admit she is so adorable that she makes it really hard for me to want to get out of bed, go to work or go to the gym. All I want to do is lay around with her and play with her toys.