Muggles (formerly Kimmie)
I adopted Muggles (formerly known as Kimmie) from you guys last May (2011) and My boyfriend adopted Skywalker (formerly known as Chester) in August of 2010. In the past year or so lots of exciting things have been happening in our lives and the beagles lives too! On July 27th, Curtis and I got engaged, so soon the beagles will get to live together full time! They’re two wonderful beagles, and our lives have been so enriched by their love and silly beagle personalities. We really can’t imagine our lives without both of the beagles in it.

Muggles is the absolute sweetest dog in the entire world! She loves snuggling, sleeping in late with you, going for walks, and definitely being lazy around the house! But her play time with Skywalker is a MUST!

We all love going for nice long walks in the evenings or early in the mornings, or going to one of the local dog parks and letting the beagles do what they do best… SNIFF! And occasionally make a new friend or two! Since the first day they met, Muggles and Skywalker have been the two most compatible dogs we’ve ever seen together, it really is awesome.

We’d like to thank all of y’all so much for giving us the opportunity to be so blessed by our two awesome beagles! Like I said before, we really can’t imagine our lives without them! They mean so much to us! Again, thank you all so much for all that you did for us, and continue to do for all the sweet beagles out there!


Kristina and Curtis