Lady & Snoopy

Snoopy & Lady
As it is almost Thanksgiving, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to write to you and thank you again for our wonderful dogs. Lady and Snoopy have been the greatest friends to Boyd and I both this fall. As I am home almost all day long, I have gotten to know the twins incredibly well…we do everything together…as I write this to you, Lady is lying under the desk and Snoopy is trying to hop into the chair next to me. They love going to watch Boyd play flag football with his classmates every Wednesday night…especially when all the girls shower them with hugs and kisses. They are terrific cuddlers and we couldn’t ask for better companions. They rarely bark, and if they do, it’s usually when the doorbell rings…almost as if to say hello. The one major exception was when I had the television on last week and there was a goose honking on the screen…Snoopy and Lady both woke up from their naps and Snoopy started barking at the screen…it was too funny, I wish I could have recorded it.

Both of the doggies have dropped a couple of pounds and are looking much healthier. We took them to a vet near our home (she is WONDERFUL!) and updated their bordetella vaccine. They were both checked out and are in wonderful health..the vet was especially impressed with how clean their ears are…:) I’ve included some more pictures…

We are so, so thankful for our buddies.. Thank you so very much.

Snoopy and Lady send you hugs for the holiday season!

Monica and Boyd