Lexie’s new family had this to say about her: “She is so PERFECT! The kids have renamed her “Daisy” and she is responding to it very well. She walked into our house like she had lived here her whole life. There was absolutely no adjustment period – she already has her chair that she sleeps in (and snores! It’s so cute).

She hasn’t had any “accidents” in the house…. and we left her uncrated yesterday all day (well until around 3:45 ) and the only thing she got into was the trash (which was mostly my fault – we don’t have a lid on the can and there was food in there and I forgot to put the can in the garage). No chewing on anything. She is awesome and LOVES it here… I don’t think her tail has stopped wagging yet. She loves to play with her toys and loves tummy rubs. She also loves running in the back yard.”