Jen (formerly Libby)
I’d like to catch you-all up on how Libby is doing. Sorry, but Libby was renamed to Jen. Jen couldn’t be doing better. She’s turned out to be quite the little attention getter, and I feel I’ve created a monster. Jen has such big feet. When I lift my hand away for just an instant from petting her, POW… I get her foot right in the face.

What the heck was Jen’s previous owners thinking! She is such a good girl. I know I owe foster care for a lot of her training, but how perfect can you be? Potty and doggy door trained; doesn’t bark much; loves her toys and not shoes; doesn’t dig and is just the sweetest, calmest puppy. I would have said little puppy, but little she’s not. Kind of a clumsy little horse. Loves to romp around and fetch… no matter what’s in her way.

Jen has been to her new vet to get a complete checkup and blood work. At first she was fairly lethargic. I found it funny that she slept the entire way back to Decatur. I thought it may have been a case of anemia or thyroid problem. All of her blood work came back in great shape. The Doc said it most likely would be the antihistamine she was on. She does have an allergy to something.

The Doc and I have taken an active approach to her allergy. We have first changed her diet to an allergy-free kibble – Science Diet’s V/D (sp). She’s been on it for over a week with no antihistamine. It will take time to tell, but her itching is not out of control. No more so then when she was on the antihistamine. Things look good, but we’ll take it to the next level if necessary.

Walk. I have to say it quietly or the monster in her will awaken and want to go on her 12th walk of the day. She grabs her leash in her mouth and with her long tail smashing everything in sight, off we go on a (let’s just see how far and fast we can pull this fat guy) adventure.

Oh, my God, the paw. Got to go.

Thanks for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. I’ll keep you informed.