We adopted Liz about five years ago, and she has provided us with unforgettable memories and so much fun ever since! When we adopted her, she gained a Mommy, Daddy, two human sisters, and another canine sister, Missy, who is a Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle mix, and the two love to play together! Liz’s favorite activities vary between running around in the backyard and eating. Whenever somebody enters the kitchen, whether it is to grab a snack or wash their hands, Liz will be in front of her bowl in seconds, just hoping for some dropped food and a second lunch.

She also loves to play with toys! She’ll run around the house with her favorite stuffed toy, a hedgehog, and when she gets tired, she loves curling up in one of her two beds in our home! Sometimes, she’ll even curl up with her Mommy when she’s ready for a nap. We are all so happy we found Liz through Houston Beagle Rescue, and look forward to many more memorable years with our playful and energetic girl!