In November 2017, I had just lost my 14 year old Beagle, Molly, to congestive heart failure and felt like I needed to help another Beagle that needed a home so they could live out their natural life. I already have 2 other Beagles, Abby and Jelly Bean, and a Lab-Border Collie mix, Sophie. Abby and Jelly Bean both have Cushing disease and Jelly Bean is also blind. I wanted an older Beagle as they are harder to place. I went on HBHR website in December 2017 and read the write up on Lola. I set up the appointment to see her at the Christmas gift wrapping sessions at Barnes and Noble. After walking her around the store many times and listening to her vocal grunts, I decided I wanted to adopt her. I filled out the application for adoption and waited to see if I would pass the property inspection. Once I got the approvals, I paid the adoption fee and met up with Lola’s foster mom, Gretchen, and Lola was mine.

She is 8 years old and a wonderful girl. She is a joy to have here. One of the best decisions I have ever made. She loves to play with Sophie, my Lab-Border Collie mix. They will get on their backs and play and try to playfully bite each other’s legs. She communicates through her vocalizations or grunts she makes. Sometimes I actually thing she is talking to me. She snores up a storm when she sleeps but that is ok. I have gotten used to it. Since I have so many dog beds around, I usually can find her in one of them or on the couch snoring away.

She has a thyroid condition and it is controlled with her thyroid medication. I cannot imagine anyone giving her up. She has such a wonderful personality. She loves to have her belly rubbed and a massage on her neck and shoulders. She is the official refrigerator inspector. If I leave the refrigerator door open for just a few seconds, she will put her feet up on the base of the inside of the refrigerator and her nose trying to get to whatever food she can get. She is my shadow and follows me everywhere I go in the house. She even has got used to riding in my truck.

After I got her, I found out she is deaf in her right ear as the ear canal is just about closed up. Her left ear is not much better. She is on medication to help keep her ears clean and infection from forming. Surgery would run into the thousands on each ear to repair this condition. She loves to sleep and can just about fall asleep anywhere. As with all Beagles, she loves to eat and loves her treats she gets. When it is feeding time or treat time, I find myself being pushed from behind by three Beagles and a Lab-Border Collie mix into the kitchen.

Please consider adopting a rescue. They make such wonderful pets and they know a good thing when they find it.