Lucy (formerly Rosie)
Lucy is great! We love her so very much and can’t imagine life without her. She really saved our lives. We were so heartbroken after Shelby was taken from us too soon, but Lucy has made this house happy again.

Right now as I type this, she’s barking at the cats. We acquired a new boy cat and what a godsend for Lucy. Our mama cat doesn’t really like dogs or anyone else for that matter. But Lucy and our boy cat, Little Man, get along like peanut butter and jelly. They love to chase each other around the house. We discourage her barking so instead she makes this grunting sound almost like she’s complaining, “hey cat, come and chase me!”

She is so funny, lovable and so very smart. Example: She had been getting into the cat food in our laundry room so we bought a baby gate. Well, it took Miss Lucy 15 minutes to figure out how to climb the gate. So the gate doesn’t quite stop her, but at least it’s bought us some time to catch her.

Another example and one of the funniest things she does: we take her “jangles” (collar) off at night and place it on the coffee table. Every morning she wakes up and marches herself into the living room, daintily picks up the jangles in her mouth and brings it to us in bed! It’s so funny.

She met our vet this week and all the techs came into the examination room and just drooled over how cute she is. She was so good for them and she weighs a whopping 14 lbs now! I have to thank you Amanda for being such a loving influence on Lucy. She is just so sweet. She is a little rag doll. She lets us do anything to her including brush her teeth! She’s a great little napper and she lets us hold her like a little baby.

We had a group of our friends over a couple weeks ago and it only took her a few minutes to calm down and curl up in our friends laps. Then, everyone took turns and passed her around. She didn’t care whose lap she was in. Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her.

I just thank all of you at the Rescue for taking such great care of our beagle before she became “our Beagle.”

God Bless you all for that!

Anne & Tim Gerber