Lucy & Fletcher

Lucy & Fletcher
Lucy & Fletcher’s forever mom had this to say:

“We acquired Riley (middle) as a puppy together with a chocolate lab, Hershey. They were the best of friends, but after awhile we decided we’d like another dog to add to the “pack”. Riley is so funny that we decided we’d like another beagle, and by this time we had become much more aware of the lack of homes for abandoned dogs. My husband discovered HBHR on the internet, and we contacted Sandra about the available dogs in March of 2002. When we went to visit, HBHR had several fun-loving and truly lovely beagles, but our hearts were immediately stolen by Fletcher (formerly Powell, on the right). Poor guy, he’d had leg/hip surgery, tail surgery, eye surgery, and to top it all off had a horrible case of heartworm and was very underweight. For several weeks, he could do very little physically, but he watched everyone else in the house and was interested in all activity. He put up with so much pain with so much dignity it was incredible. After he had the pin removed from his leg, we had to rush him to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, where he was treated for shock. The pin was re-inserted, but after awhile it became apparent that his leg would never be quite right. So the pin was removed again without any consequences, and Fletch has a “peg leg”. He uses it sort of like a cane, as support, but when he really wants to run he just hitches it up and goes like crazy on his three good legs. It is really fun to watch as he obviously is enjoying himself immensely.

Fletcher really blossomed after he decided that he was in his permanent home. It took quite awhile, but in the past few months he has finally got to the point where he’ll roll over for a belly scratch. He also loves to have his left ear scratched, and will cock his head as an invitation. He thinks his job is to patrol the backyard for intruders (squirrels and lizards), and he has worn a path around the fence and through various mulch pits. His favorite games are tug of war and keepaway. He is so cute when he brings a toy just outside of hands’ reach and then scampers off down the hall. He is always on the go, and it’s very hard to believe that our “Mr Rough and Tumble” as I call him, was so woeful. When we first got him from Sandra, the vet thought he could be over 10 years old. At the last visit, our vet thought that at most Fletch is 7, so regular food, walks, and a lot of love have gone a long way. He is a fantastic dog and we are so thankful that HBHR was able to give him a second chance.

In July 2003 our beloved lab Hershey unexpectedly died during emergency surgery. Although it was a very difficult period, we had enjoyed having three dogs in the house and her departure opened the door for a new addition. We periodically look at the available beagles, and had previously seen Lucy’s picture and story posted and thought she looked like a great dog. (Lucy is on the left.) She is such a beautiful beagle, with a face that just draws you to her. We contacted Sandra and visited Lucy at her foster home with her foster mom, who had been taking such good care of her. Lucy was an owner turn-in, and she’d had a mast cell tumor in her leg along with kidney infection and skin problems. By the time she joined our family, most of her physical issues had been cleared up thanks to the great work of HBHR and her foster mom. She is the sweetest dog anyone could ever want, and we are constantly amazed that Lucy was given up by anyone, but are thankful for our gain. She is a very ladylike beagle, carries herself with pride. She immediately fit in with the rest of the family, and has been a delight since day one. She follows us from room to room, and although she isn’t quite as active as Fletcher or Riley, she is in great shape for her age and eagerly goes to the back door or the gate for her morning and evening walks. Recently we have been going to the dog park fairly often, and we call her the “Wal-Mart greeter” as she goes up to every person in the park to check them out and invite them to give her a pet. She loves to have her belly scratched and she does many tricks–dancing, rolling over, shaking hands, etc. She will do anything for treats and will often initiate her entire repertoire before being asked if she sees the treat bag. Because of her skin, she has to be bathed fairly often. At first she ran out of the room when she heard the water running, but once she caught on that treats are involved post-bath, it is often a race between her and Riley to jump in the tub! She is always smiling and it makes our day to come home to her peeking out the dog door at us. She doesn’t come all the way out until she’s confirmed it’s either my husband or me, and then she races to the garage door as quickly as she can. She is a joy and we can’t imagine not having her as part of our family.

Aren’t we lucky?