Lucy Lu
Tomorrow will be five years since we first laid eyes on our Lucy Lu. She made us laugh with her silly sleeping ways and incredibly loud snore. She made our hearts melt when she cried while she, myself, and her brother waited in the car on her first day in our family as my husband went into the store – then went bananas when she saw him again. She made our hearts break when she lost her battle with cancer while we were out of town and couldn’t get home fast enough to say goodbye. She loved her brother, Bailey, but after his death two and half years after she rescued us…she really came into her own in our home. She flourished as being an only dog. Two years later, we got a call that changed our lives. We have been without our baby girl for six months and there’s not a day that goes by where we don’t miss her and wish we could see her sleeping in the most insane positions or hear her lawn mower snore again. Lucy was the piece of our family puzzle we didn’t know we were missing until she completed the picture.