We are so grateful for the wonderful work you do at Houston Beagle Rescue! Lucy is an absolute delight. To think of that wonderful, sweet, smart, and proud little beagle being locked up in a garage for 20+ hrs a day just breaks our hearts – but Miss Lucy Goosie now has run of the house, garage, and backyard and is enjoying every minute of it! She loves being my garden helper and has already “supervised” the planting of the tomatoes. She quickly learned the kitties are all bull and fluff, and that her beagle sister Penny is a goofball with a soft tummy to lay up against. She loves her homemade supper in the evening! Lucy has been through so much, but she has never lost her smile or her pride. We feel very fortunate to share our lives with her and thanks again to all the angels at Houston Beagle Rescue!

Pam and Ralph