Just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Maggie. She has really settled in with us. She knows our routines and frankly I think she runs the house! She is just the sweetest Beagle in the whole world. We have enjoyed having her so much. I decided that her name was probably not Bailey for very long because she did not come to that name anymore than she came to Maggie at first. Finally one day it just snapped and she comes to anything starting with Ma…

She is just so funny, she makes us laugh all the time and we find ourselves talking about her constantly. She has really taken to my husband. If he leaves the room so does she. I can be petting her but she will choose to following him and sit patiently outside of the bathroom rather than get a back scratch from me! He fixed up a spot for her to stay on her leash while he is working in the garage. If he does not take her out there with him she will cry and scratch at the door the whole time. It is really sweet.

She loves to go on walks everyday. When Emily gets home from school she will go take her nose and push at the leash trying to let her know she is ready to go. And boy does she ever let us know when it is dinner time, which happens to be right now. She will pace back and forth by the garage door trying to give us the hint. Yes, she has really settled in and I think she is very happy here. I know we have become so attached to her now we could never be apart from her.

Amy Hobbs