Mandy Star is a joy– fits right in our lives. Her Doctor sent the nicest note—-and a nice lady sent a Thank you for adopting Mandy– and a thank you for the extra money we donated.

She is not always happy about walking with me early in the a.m.—- but we are growing together. ( Keep her in crate at night– so that we can walk in early a.m.)

Mandy Star loves the grandchildren– and does not like to be left alone. When we go away, she will have to go with us or spend time with a friend. Digger is Marg. and Don’s Beagle and Mandy Star and Digger are play mates– they chase each other for 10 min. every time they meet. Marg. and Don adopted and recommended you to us.

I recommend you to everyone we know — who is looking for a great dog.