My fiance, Paul, and I adopted Maribelle in July 2008, and she instantly became a part of our family. She never fails to make me smile when I walk in the door and she’s wagging her tail and jumping up and down. She loves to take walks, and I can barely contain her bouncing as I put on the leash.

Maribelle would eat all day if she could. We quickly learned that anything edible needs to be pushed to the back of the counter, as she can jump quite high and snatch it off. When it comes to food, no challenge is too great for Maribelle. For example, the timed feeder only got one use, as she figured out how to make it advance to the next meal. She especially loves treats and bones. She will bury her bones in the dirt, and then bring them back inside to stuff in the couch cushions!

Unfortunately, Paul passed away very unexpectedly in January. Maribelle moved in with me, and she is my best bud. We had a rough few months, getting adjusted to the new place and a new routine. These days, we are settled into our new life, and the indoor accidents are down to a minimum (thankfully). She loves to ride in the car, and sometimes I take a drive just for her. I love looking in my sideview mirror and seeing her head sticking out of the window.

Having Maribelle has helped me tremendously the last 6 months, and I couldn’t imagine life without her. She can make me smile when I’m down, and her presence alone is comforting. She has the most expressive eyes and happiness shines through them. She is my baby.

I am grateful to have Maribelle, and owe a big thanks to HBHR for all that they do for these dogs.

Carey D.