Megs & Lindy

Megs & Lindy

Megs was rescued in 2001 and Lindy in 2008. They have one thing in common — they are the only 2 beagles that stayed permanently in our home, out of HUNDREDS of foster dogs that came through our doors since we founded Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue back in 1999! People often ask us how we can possibly give up our foster dogs after we have become attached to them? The answer is simple: there are so many others waiting for our help and so many great families willing to adopt them!

So, why did only Megs and Lindy stay with us?

Megs was rescued from Montgomery Co. animal control in November of 2001, just 2 months after we had to say goodbye to another special rescued beagle, Bessy, who inspired us to rescue so many others. Megs had that same wonderful quality as Bessy, the ability to share her home and her space with total strangers, both dogs and humans alike. She became the alpha, assistant trainer, role model and companion for so many sad and lonely hounds during the time it took for her to recover from her own traumatic past. When the time came to find her a “forever” home, we knew that it had to be ours! Megs is now known far and wide by shelter employees, vet clinics, and other foster parents as the queen of beagle rescue! Her classic beagle colors are turning to grey but she is always young at heart.

Lindy was rescued from Harris Co. animal control in 2008. She had a dislocated hip and a broken front leg. The vet estimated her age at approx. 8 or 9, and he said that she had likely been suffering her injuries for at least 2 weeks while making her way as a stray and then ending up in the shelter! Yet, her feisty spirit was very much intact and her tail was still wagging. She came out of her hip surgery just in time to evacuate with us from the path of Hurricane Ike. She became so popular with our family that she was voted in as a permanent member.

So these 2 beagle girls are “ours” for always, but they share their home with others in need who will find their own special family someday.

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