I just wanted to give you an update on Melly. Things are going smoothly here at the Gifford household. Melly is still adjusting well and has, in no time, started sticking up for herself. Athena wants to play most of the time, but Melly doesn’t want to play very often. We laugh when she shows her teeth to Athena because it’s extremely different from her true personality.

We love having Melly in our house and we have nicknamed Athena “Miss Jello.” When we pet Melly or have her in our laps when we watch TV, Athena comes right on top of Melly and me and sits with us too.

Sometimes it seems like everyday we start fresh with Melly. In the morning time, it seems like she forgets who we are because she is very shy and runs from us, but towards the end of the day…she is sitting in our lap and less shy. But…the next morning…it’s the same thing over again. I’m sure in about two or three months, she will have adjusted.

As for going outside in the backyard, she loves it. We have come to the conclusion that Melly has won every eating contest— she finishes her food in record time.

As I write you this email, I look back and much to my surprise, Athena has taught Melly some things at our house; for example–how to lay on the the guest bed and get away with it by looking so cute!

-Adriane, Scotty, Athena, and Melly