Milo (formery Cletus)
We just wanted to send you an update on our newest family member. Milo is settling into our lives beautifully. It took us some time, but we figured out his tummy issues. It looks like the poor guy has a grain allergy! So, he’s now on a special fish and sweet potato diet and doing great!

He has mastered the housetraining, sleeps well in his crate and just loves to wake the kids up in the morning. He guides us to the bus stop everyday and welcomes the girls home from school. He is ALL beagle and very much full of mischief…but his cuteness saves his hide many days!

He was able to pull one over on the dog trainer and convince him he was a good listener. He graduated from puppy class yesterday. He showed them his skills with sit, down, stay, leave it, and he almost showed off with sitting nicely for a greeting…we will have to work on his ‘drop it’, though, as he loves to get us chasing him! We will work on mastering his new skills and then move on to the intermediate class in the New Year.

It’s only been a couple of short months, but we already could not imagine our family without Milo. He entertains us every day!

Dale, Tracy, Taylor, Kendra and Milo Zankl