I wanted to send a quick update on our newest member of the family, Mimi. She is doing just as wonderful as her 1st day. Not a single potty accident in our house. She continues to kennel during the days, except weekends when she is allowed to be loose in the house while we are not home. She sleeps in a bed right beside mine and stays put all night long. She loves chew toys and is learning to sit, stay and shake. She and Sam are best of friends now and they both can spend hours outside on a sunny Saturday or Sunday, chasing squirrels up trees, cracking pecans open and eating the meat out of them, or just baking in the sun. We did learn during the long rain yesterday that she does not like to get her feet wet nor can I coax her outside while it’s raining, but I can understand why.

Thank you again for the opportunity to adopt her, she is wonderful and is loved SO VERY much!