Minnie’s forever family wrote:

Minnie joined us in Austin just over a year ago. Every time we drive past the LaQuinta Hotel in south Austin , where we met you to pick her up, we have warm thoughts of the wonderful service you perform. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She is very bright. She went to obedience training (to help her with a little cat issue) and the two of them now co-exist in harmony. She did so well that her trainer has suggested that she become a “Therapy Dog” making calls on nursing homes and hospitals so she’s in the process of that training right now.

She’s has manifested some health issues (eye, teeth and back) that have a mystery cause but could be a result of trauma that occurred before you rescued her from the “Streets of Houston”. After treatment from a eye specialist, having a couple of cracked teeth extracted and some acupuncture and herbs for her back she’s in top notch health.