Minnie’s new family had this to say about her: “Just to let you know…Minnie is doing great. She is starting to feel more and more at home. Nowadays, she’ll bark when someone rings the doorbell. However, she still continues to growl at my mom and dad, only right when they come in. After that, she’s quiet and doesn’t mind them and gets petted by them. I really have no clue when she picked up that habit. One day, my mom was yelling at my sister to clean up the house, and Minnie, out of the blue, jumped up and started barking/growling at her! I’m guessing she was just trying to protect my sister. What a funny girl!

She has been enjoying her walks. We usually take her to different parks every so often. Her leg is becoming very strong. She is regaining a lot of the muscle in that leg. You really can’t tell she had surgery on that leg now. She is really hyper in the morning. Minnie runs around from room to room and then ends up settling on her favorite couch in the living room for a nap.

She enjoys taking naps all day and dinner time.

Everyone at home is enjoying her company. She is such a princess! (and boy, does she know it!).”