I adopted sweet Molly in October of 2012 and she is such a joy! I don’t know what her past entailed, but am so thankful Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue sprung her from the Bastrop shelter and put her in foster care until I could find her! She initially had quite a bit of separation anxiety, but has come a long way. She passed her Good Manners and Intermediate Training with flying colors (complete with cap and gown!). She has become quite the little patio dog in Austin, loves rides in the car (with her seatbelt, of course!) enjoys walks on Town Lake, Zilker Park, Bull Creek and in the hills of my neighborhood. Given her desire to follow her nose (squirrel!), I will never allow her off leash, but she gets plenty of exercise and is great little office mate when I work from home. When I travel, she stays with her grandparents who also adore her. She is my precious little sidekick and I love her so much! Thanks so HBHR for all that you do!