Murray got a few gifts for Christmas. He got a lot of chew bones, a doggie bed, a lot of squeeky balls, and one of the collars that you had mentioned. I tried finding him a harness to fit around his torso (instead of the neck), but only found them in size large. I am still looking for one that fits him. I also looked for a sweater for him, but only found those in a really small size (for like Chihuahuas). I ordered one, but am waiting to get that one. He loves playing fetch with squeeky balls (or just chewing on them). As for the bones, well, he is a chewer. At first he will put the bones in his mouth, stand at the back door, and cry. I have realized that every time he gets a bone that is meant to be eaten (like the dental bones), he will cry at the back door. I now see the pattern. If it is a bone that he can chew apart (like the dental bones) – he likes to take it outside. If it is a bone that will last much longer, he hides it under Alyssa’s bed. He just loves his doggie bed. If he’s not sleeping on the bed with one of my kids, he is on his doggie bed.

He made some new friends over Christmas. My sister and my cousin both came to my mom’s house over Christmas with their dogs. Murray was thrilled. My mom lives less than a block away from my house (about 2 houses down and then around the corner 1 house). So, if I’m going over to my mom’s, we usually walk him over there with us. One day, one of my cousins little girls opened the front door and Murray ran out of my house. Both my husband and my cousin ran after Murray. Wouldn’t you know it – he ran straight for my mom’s house and was standing at her front door barking to be let in so he could play with his new buddies. I think we got lucky on that one.

As you can see, Murray saw snow on Christmas Eve. I didn’t want him to run around too much though because I hadn’t found him a sweater. Let’s not tell him he had a pink leash on (that belongs to one of his buddies). He wanted to run around with the kids though, so he did for a little while, but then we had to bring him in and get under a blanket with him. All the kids slept here (in a tent in Alyssa’s room) and Murray slept with them that night.

Thank you also for all the information you sent on the reverse sneeze. That’s what it sounds like Murray has, so now I will look harder for a harness (or maybe just order one for him off the internet). He hasn’t done it as much anymore. Now it happens maybe every other or every 2 days.

Thanks again,