Angel (formerly Nina)
We adopted Nina in Dec 2008 and renamed her Angel as she is just as sweet and angelic as can be! She is a perfect fit for our family. She loves to play with her new “brother” Buddy who is a lab mix. Angel also has a special little dance that she does when she gets hungry. Her dance gets more excitable as we making her dinner.

In addition to all the dancing & prancing that Angel does, she is a great lap dog and also just as content to lay down by our feet and start snoring as she has her doggie dreams. My daughter is her primary caregiver and the two are usually inseparable. They go for walks together in the neighborhood just about every day and she sleeps in my daughter’s bed every night. My son likes spending time with her too as she is so loving and sweet. Everyone who meets her comments on her great temperament.

A special thank you to the volunteers in your program (and especially to Angel’s foster, Angela) for their time and helping Angel to recover from when she was found injured. We couldn’t be happier with Angel and we are so happy to be able to give her a forever home!

Janet, Jessica and Alex