Odie is doing great. My old Basset Hound has even played with him. The Beagle, Casey, is still a bit “grumpy” with him but getting much better.

Casey “sings” to me every morning. Hank joins in and at first Odie just look perplexed but now he joins in too so I am serenaded every morning by the Case Trio. I think it made Casey like Odie a little better since he joined her singing group. She also sings Happy Birthday at the drop of a hat so that will probably come up next.

I am working with Odie and he is a fast learner when you can keep his attention. He now sits on command. Now we have to work on Here and Stay. He seems to get really hard of hearing on those commands right now.

I am sending you a picture of Odie and his new brother and sister. He is so sweet.